Install the DC System Part 3 – Hooking up the multimeter

The next stage was to get the integrated multimeter working.

This required running 4 separate wires back to the batteries/shunt from the panel – which was annoying. Even more annoying was that 2 of them had to be twisted together the whole length! Man, the AC one was a lot easier…

Here you can see the twisted wire at the bottom



One of the wires also required a fuse on it, so I added that with a little ATO inline fuse holder



After that was all wired up, last thing to do was turn it on and check it worked!



Hell yeah. Notice my new custom labels came in as well! The DC side can read amps usage and battery voltage, here it is showing that I am pulling 0.2amps (which are a light that is one and the stereo battery).


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