In double figures!

I’m not referring to my IQ (actually I could be I have no idea what it is) but the number of days (99) before I leave to start my trip (or as one of my friends ominously said, ‘become a concept’. What does that even mean?!)

Hitting such a milestone has made me look at the stuff I need to do that is NOT boat related

  • sort out a medical kit (hopefully if I just get a bunch of prescriptions my work health plan will cover)
  • sort out how to get a mail forwarding address (there are a bunch of places in the US that do this but none in Canada?)
  • Work out what shots I need and get them
  • Start looking into Visas etc
  • Get a wetsuit / speargun
  • figure out my boat and medical insurance

As I type this it’s snowing (barf) and this morning the harbour water looked like it was on the verge of freezing due to the ~polar vortex~

I’m soooooooooooo done with winter. SO DONE.




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