Revised list of stuff that I need to do ASAP

Right now I have about a million boat projects that need to be done pretty soon and it’s all got a bit overwhelming! Here is a list complete with why I need to do them asap:

  • Redo gelcoat\non-skid on boat (need to do before the weather changes)
  • Add two more solar panels to side rails (need to do to get panels out of cabin)
  • Finish windvane (to get all the windvane parts out of cabin)
  • Do lithium battery install (get all the parts out of the cabin)
  • install new alternator (get parts out of cabin)
  • re-caulk forward hatch (need to do before weather changes)
  •  fix deck solar panel (junction box got knocked off)

Unfortunately my motivation level is pretty much zero right now, what with the extended spell of lovely weather we are having. Drill holes/clean or go sailing? The choice is obvious.




  1. I feel you. We just spent the sunny day scrubbing the roof with metal brushes and power washing :/
    “Gotta do it before the weather changes….”

  2. Hi Matt,

    Here’s another Britano-Canadian, though I live out East.

    Just spent a large part of the Labour-day weekend reading your blog from the start – it’s a great story and was very entertaining! It’s an amazing project and you’ve done very well to get so far! Looking forward to the next chapter!

  3. I noticed Gudgeon on anchor this weekend. I came in late to the bay and anchored beside, but didn’t recognize her until I left the next morning. You weren’t out on deck and I didn’t want to disturb you. I would have said hello and invited you for a whisky had I known it was you when I pulled in. Good to see you out my way! And thanks for the reminder about needing to re-caulk and do some patchwork before the rains…

    • Ah, were you the ~30 foot sailboat that came in just after we did? We’d been fishing all day (up at five) and so slept in the next morning as we were knackered! Would love to share a whisky next time 🙂

      • Yeah, we were a 25′ that came in at dark, you were already on anchor. We left the next morning to go fishing but hopefully you had more luck than us! We didn’t catch anything, although we were just jigging and flyfishing. Hopefully you have downriggers mounted on Gudgeon. I was out earlier that weekend in my fishing boat and it was still a tough go for fish. But after the first couple of rains the coho will be more active and feeding more aggressively. Good luck! And drop me a line if you are out that way again.

        • Not a huge amount, we got a small keeper spring for the BBQ and then a few small wild cohos we returned. Lost a couple of better fish at the boat, but was still a really fun trip.

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