Short one this as I am currently in a patch of terrible service but at the prompting of several people (I presume so they could locate any drifting wreckage after a catastrophe), I got a second hand inreach satellite tracker .

It’s pretty cool – worldwide satellite coverage (unlike a spot tracker) and you can send text messages from it.

Anyway – I’ve put a link in the menu bar of the site, and you can see where I am in the world by clicking on this link. You can scroll around the map, and if you click on any of the circles you’ll see the speed I was going, and any message icons will show any messages I’ve sent out. Nifty gadget!

Please let me know if it looks weird or whatever, I had to use iframes (barf) and fix the size to 1024×768 which I feel is going to muck up mobile devices but I guess we’ll see!

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