How to swear at several hundred people at the same time

I got my Simrad RS35 radio back after RMA’ing it (the NMEA2000 port stopped working – in fairness to simrad, they straight up sent me a brand new unit), which meant I could hook up the PA/Foghorn system which I was pretty excited to try.

I used the wireless handset, walked outside and hit the foghorn button as a test


It’s really¬†damn loud. And seemed to go on and on and on…. in a panic, and as the sounds of the horn echoed back off the homes and shops at the wharf, I hit all the buttons on the handset, accidentally putting it onto PA mode which cut out the horn, but meant my paniced screeching of


was broadcast at high volume across the wharf, greatly confusing the group of tourists clustered round the seals.

Oh well. At least I know both the horn and PA work! Apologies to any parents that had their children around that day ūüôĀ



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