Hebridean Wind Vane Construction: Part 9 (Vane base and attachment)

NOTE: ALL PHOTOS ARE STILL AWFUL. I still need a new phone camera so I can take photos without the manditory ‘grime filter’ but am procrastinating like a good’un

So I decided to carry on with the Hebridean seeing as how I’d been on a bit of a roll (and the weather has been seriously awful, making me very reluctant to go outside)

Next up – the vane base. Which is a part of the wind vane that…. sets the course somehow?! I’m still not sure exactly how it works yet…

It’s made up of alternating squares of plywood and metal that I cut

I then cut a hole in the middle, bolted the metal on top of each one and cut them down to size

Ending up with this

I then had to cut a groove down the middle of one of the squares, which took some careful drilling to do (again, no idea how you’d do this without a drill press)

Then, a matter of bolting the whole shebang together

sanding it down

and cutting it in half

I then cut a bit of metal of the attachment piece

and the whole lot connects round the metal tube. It had a bit of metal bolted on the side which means the whole thing rotates around a groove in the blocks. Very cool!


Then I had to create the vane attachment, which was basically shaped metal and wood with screws as hinges. I forgot to take any photos of this bit but you probably have the idea anyway. File/cut/trim/drill blah blah

Here it is so far!

It’s actually starting to take shape!



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