Hebridean Wind Vane Construction: Part 1 (Piece 1)

Today I started construction on my Hebridean Wind Vane

I maybe feel I bit off a bit more than I can chew as it appears really pretty complicated, but I will slowly work away at it and hopefully end up with something that works.

So, the first part was to make the jig which would be used to make other parts. This needed to be done with under millimeter accuracy so I took a long time to do this to make sure it was bang on.

First I measured two points on the metal piece and then scored a line between the two


Next I used a metal punch to put a dent on the line


Next I transferred it to my drill press, and drilled the hole.


I had 5 holes to drill to make the jig.

I did three of them first time, one took two tries, and the other took FIVE! Ugh. It didn’t matter as it was just a jig and I marked which hole to use, but still, annoying.



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