Heading to Mazatlán on the mainland

NOTE: as those of you looking at the tracker would have realised, I’ve actually finished this crossing already (SPOILER: didn’t die). I meant to post it before I left but the internet stopped working so close your eyes and pretend, thanks

So after another week at La Paz and the surrounding area (which I mostly spent doing odd bits and pieces like glomming on my emergency tiller onto the windvane so I can lock the damn thing straight finally)

Pretty ugly but it works.

I also did a bunch of spearfishing and am getting better – I got a parrotfish (which was immediately filled with regret after I read up on them and how they help reefs – I won’t shoot another. Tasty though!) and another goatfish. I can now stay on the bottom for around 45 seconds and it’s so fun watching all the small fish peek out of burrows at you.

I then spent one night on the East side of Esprito Santo

before heading down to Muertos (where I previously has been with Liz on the way up) which I was going to use as a jump-off point to cross the Gulf of California to the mainland.

On the way I caught 3 big skipjack (kept two) but still no wahoo or yellowfin! One day.

Now just waiting at Muertos to leave tomorrow to cross the 195nm to Mazatlan.

Pretty nervous about this as it’s the furthest I’ve gone solo (previous distance was 160nm although I did 290nm with Liz) and the first time I’d have done more than one night in a row solo as well. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I’ve been reading The Scar (a book about a fantasy ocean full of horrible beasties and weather) and playing the game Sunless Sea (a game about a fantasy ocean full of horrible beasties and weather) which although both good, is probably not the best idea.

OH also, don’t buy the refillable butane torch from Ancor Marine. This happens

(not pictured, it exploding shortly after I’d dropped it into the sink)



  1. Stop reading horror stories of things at sea Matt! Only happy things happen at sea… xxx

  2. Shit that’s scary about the butane torch. Is it like a lighter? I read “The Endurance” right before heading to Antarctica so I feel you, part curiosity part why the f am I reading this?! Glad to hear you made it safe.

    • ‘Endurance’ by Alfred Lansing? My friend gave me that before I left with the inscription ‘for when everything seems too hard’ – fantastic and unbelievable book. And yes, supposed to be like a lighter, just more concentrated flame

      • Yep that one, it was amazing and made me feel like a giant wuss. I wouldn’t last 2 minutes out there! Don’t know how they survived.

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