For whom the piss jug tolls

So I’ve written before about my Natures Head toilet – it’s a great system that separates the solids and liquids, the solids needs emptying every 2 months or so, the liquids every few days.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t really paying much attention, and filled the jug, and then overfilled it.

I didn’t realise until I attempted to take it out and empty it, whereapon it sloshed all over the jug and floor of the bathroom. Argh! ARGHHH! NOOOOO

This of course happened at 11:30 at night when I was preparing to go to bed. At least I wasn’t drunk I guess?

Half an hour of cleaning later, everything was mopped up and cleaned and disinfected, and many mental notes were made to keep an eye on the jug level. I invited a friend over the next day and asked them if they could smell piss (there is no real good way to ask this btw) and they couldn’t, so mission success I guess!



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  1. Would you have invited him, if he had answered in the affirmative, to have a taste of said piss?

    This is important.

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