Domain name change complete!

Well it was a bit longer than ‘within the week’ but I finally finished the domain name changeover. You should be seeing this now on (a studiously non-tied-to-boat-name domain) and hopefully, that is the last time ever I have to move domains because that is a huge pain.

If you see anything that appears broken please let me know, and also let me know in the comments if you are subscribed by either

  • email
  • via wordpress

And you got this post notification – I seem to remember it didn’t work last time I moved domains.

Oh, and remember to update your bookmarks to the new address – thanks!

In the meantime here is a trout I caught fly fishing recently (the first fish on a fly I’ve caught in over 20 years!)



  1. Email notification.

    You know, someone less self deprecative would have chosen a different perspective for that picture. I can teach you how to long arm that fish and make it look impressive (don’t concern yourself with how it will fare after you release it)(or was this table fare?)!

    • That’s actually one of only two pictures I got (the other shows my bald spot) before the fish flipped out of the net by itself and to freedom.

      Was definitely edible size – though in the stretch of river I was in you could only keep hatchery fish and this was wild.

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