Deciding what to do next

Well, since my plans to cross to French Polynesia are basically not happening this year (their borders are closed, along with almost every other country in the south pacific) the thing now is to decide what to do next (lots of time to do that while self-isolating on the boat). There are basically three options

  • Leave the boat in a marina, fly back to Canada and work over the summer
  • Sail the boat to the sea of cortez and spend the summer up there
  • Sail back to Canada

The first one has a few issues, namely that no one is hiring right now, and even if they were it’s really hard to get back to Canada. Very few flights and you have to self-isolate for two weeks on your return – pretty hard when you don’t even have a place to live! It would be good to get some more money in the ol’ kitty though, as I will be out an extra year over what I had planned.

The second option would be really fun – however as mentioned, it would involve an extra years expenses, limiting what I can do further down the line. It also apparently gets bastard hot – however, the snorkelling is apparently unreal, with whale sharks swimming around your boat etc. Fishing is great too.

The third option is by far the toughest – it involves a loooong sail, probably 30-40 days as you have to swing way out into the ocean to get on the other side of the pacific high – you can’t just go back up the coast.  Most people doing this stop in Hawaii – but with the quarantine on, that’s not an option as I am not a US citizen. The weather in the North Pacific in spring can be pretty awful as well, so I’d probably leave in late april/early may. This is a good option if it looks like the pacific countries won’t be opening until a vaccine is available, which is one of the things I’ve heard. In which case I’d hang out in Canada for those couple of years, before heading south again. This is an example of the route one of my friends did.

Anyway – three options, none clearcut. For now, I am going to head North towards La Paz, as I can get a flight out of there, leave there to sail back to Canada and it’s the gateway to the Sea of Cortez, so no matter what option I chose, it’s a good starting point. There is a rumour that the ports may start closing soon – so heading North asap is definitely on the agenda!




  1. tough choices indeed. Probably best to delay a bit to see how this pandemic unfolds in the next couple of weeks and see if there is an end in sight.
    Stay well!

  2. La Paz isn’t a bad spot to spend a year. I know a cheap backwater marina with cool expats for ya. Might be enough American dollars to stay busy with work. The locals are too “mañana” for the other cruisers to handle.

    One year no open borders?!!! Haven’t heard that! Motessier would buy 50lbs of rice and Some fishing line and hooks go claim an atoll out West. Or maybe just go claim an atoll….WWMD?

    Tough decisions. While it may not be responsible to keep living it up in Mexico it has to be a whole lot more fun than house arrest up here. Wash your hands and stuff. Millions will die this year from this.

    • Washing our hands continuously! La paz would be for a month or so until a decision has been made – from there we can cross, go up to Canada or head up into the sea so it’s a good marshalling spot. What marina is that?

  3. Well that sucks. Fate definitely doesn’t want you in the South Pacific. Tough choices too—I’d totally come down and help you bring Gudgeon back but doing it solo is a tough tough slog. There are a few other PNWers contemplating coming back as well, although mostly American citizens. You might find a buddy boat or two in La Paz.

    Good luck! Stay safe…

    • Thanks Bruce – it’s still on the table possibly, though I think I may have a job in Canada for three months so may fly back (if I can!)

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