Days 21 to 25 – Going down the West Coast

We left Winter Harbour at around 9 after an extremely slothful morning and headed off to see how far we could get. Lotsa swells and for the first bit we had them hitting us broadside, most uncomfortable.


Eventually we got out far enough we could straighten out and then started coming on the stern instead. By this time it was getting on a bit so we decided not to round Brooks Peninsula (where apparently it gets shitty) that day, and instead diverted to the Klaskish river basin.

To get there we had to go through an extremely narrow passage, and the electronic charts were off so we had to eyeball it. Once in, it was incredible how remote it was – and to be honest a little eery. I was further rattled when I heard ghostly drumming (which emma discovered a bit later was coming from the air bubbles out of the water tank vent)



The next day we woke up to THICK fog. Crap. We had to navigate out through the narrow channel using radar and yet again I was glad I had a foghorn.

We motored up the brooks peninsula as the fog started to burn off. Unfortunately, we had the swells directly on the beam again which was most uncomfortable, until we reached the top of the brooks, where we were able to turn and have the wind and swell to our back. The wind right now was 20-25 which was very manageable, and we stuck out just the foresail and ran before the wind, with patches of fog coming and going.


From there we got to Walters Cove and discovered there was no anchoring there, so we went in the bay round the back. This was too rolly so ended up moving to Clanninick Cove. We were going to do a little fishing but didn’t have the regs/limits for the area so decided not to.

The cove was nice and calm and had a TON of sea otters in, much to Emma’s delight.



Little wind the next morning, and as we set out we had to motor in flat calm (but no fog!)



However the wind picked up and soon we were roaring along on a lovely broad reach, surfin’ down swells on an almost perfect day for sailing! LOOK HOW NICE THIS IS

Sadly after a couple hours of that, the wind died (meaning emma threw tea followed by quinoa all over the floor as the swells got us followed by a stream of cursing) chased swiftly by a massive thick fog bank.

Meaning that THIS was the next few hours 🙁




Eventually we got to Nootka, and tucked into friendly cove and tied up at the dock (after a small bit of messing around trying to anchor and then changing our mind).

This place is so cool – it was the site of the signing of the Nootka Convention and has a historic church and a swimmable lake that was so warm! We def would have stayed longer if we’d had the time.



Emma swimming in the lake (I went in as well)



We spent a nice night there and then next day set off to Hot Springs Cove.

This was a brutal trip – no wind and thick fog the whole way so THIS was the view


Occasionally this, if we were lucky



Finally we got there, and as the day went on, the fog lifted




We spent the rest of the day and the next day at the hot springs, relaxing (and I had to do a day of work)

It’s very pretty at the hot springs and we spent both nights soaking in the water watching the sun go down


And had a drink

Finally, it was time to go, and we pulled anchor the morning of the 17th and headed South for the final stretch.





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