Coos Bay, OR to Eureka, CA

Leaving Coos Bay I had another nice sunrise

motoring out, the sea was really flat and there wasn’t much wind.

Basically, I just motored for 30 hours straight, THUNK THUNK THUNK so this isn’t going to be an exciting update, unfortunately.

Had a bit of excitement when I thought I had a fish (it was a chunk of kelp) and I saw the brightest phosphorescence I’ve ever seen – it looked like flash bombs going off. Very scattered but very bright. Also saw a pod of humpbacks at some distance. I also didn’t feel sick at all, though not sure if it was the Meclizine, my body adapting or the complete lack of any kind of sea.

The sunset/sunrise that night was pretty amazing, one of the best I’ve seen.

Arriving at the Eureka bar (the second worst on the coast) there was no wind and ‘0-2 foot swells’, hah. Coasted in quite happily and saw pelicans! Which was very cool.

Pulled off some pretty sick docking at the fuel dock, which was a 20 foot long piece of wood surrounded by big tugs with the river current sweeping you backwards but I nailed it and ended up at the marina at around 10 after I fuelled up.

Not much here – got into town and bought a bird book, an american sim card and had a look at my alternator which isn’t producing full power for whatever reason – I had it tested and it’s fine apparently though? So that’s a mystery – may be the regulator.

Had dinner with a nice Canadian family on their boat and am about to go to bed, as I plan to leave tomorrow for either Fort Bragg or further. 240 miles till San Fran!



    • Haha not at all – the blog entries take a bit longer to come out, as I need to sort through photos and find internet I can use from my laptop, while the forum I can just dash off on my phone.

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