A month of living aboard, pros and cons

Ok! Its been a little over a month as a liveaboard in Fisherman’s Wharf, and in that time I went from not having any kind of power or lights at all, cushions, or water, to having BOTH types of power, lights and a bed! No water yet though.


– Living on the water is fabulous. It’s often so peaceful at night, and if I could remember to take my camera out of the storage locker I’d have some great shots.
– It’s nice to have a pre-fab community to slot into. I think it’s the first time I’ve really spoken to my neighbours anywhere I’ve lived.
– Catching your own seafood is great
– I’m spending a lot more time outside, and a lot more time learning stuff, instead of wasting time on the PC (which I did a lot)
– There is always something going on outside. If I’m bored I just sit outside and watch people doing thangs. ‘Boat TV’ is great.
– I feel a lot more in control of my own space. I know virtually every inch of windchime, and that’s a weird comfort that I can’t quite explain.
– It’s extremely peaceful, which sounds strange considering there are a lot of boats nearby, but it’s very easy to just forget about anyone else. Unless a commcerical boat is running their livewell. Or that boat of DudeBros that were alongside for a few days.


– OH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT TILL I FINISH THE RUNNING WATER. Having to get up and walk down the marina at 3am just to pee is NOT my idea of a Good Time. Soon though hopefully!
– Have to be careful about noise, and sometimes its a bit noisy with the commercial vessels. Still quieter than my old apartment
– Laundry is a pain, and expensive (6 bucks for wash+dry)
– The showers kind of suck and cost a loony (Can I come over and use yours?)
– I miss having a garden ūüôĀ


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