Yard woes

So one of the things in the yard was getting my old knackered stuffing box (this is a thing that stops water coming in through the prop shaft) replaced by a fancy new PSS dripless seal. This should eliminate any water ingress while using my engine, as part of my current drive to get, and keep, a dusty dry bilge.

However, the shaft coupling had kind of rusted on, and on further inspection my prop was kind of rotten, and the cutlass bearing was kind of squishy…

So I need a new cutlass bearing, prop shaft and propeller. Plus labour.

Worst of all, it’s another week in the yard. UGHHHH

This has drastically reduced my budget for the rigging overhaul. Which hasn’t happened yet since the yard’s mast tower has broken, so I have to leave the yard and trundle all the way over to Sooke, at the bottom of the island. At least it’s pretty there…

By the time all this is finished, it’ll be spring. And time for sailing and fun and sunshine. I can’t wait! It’s gonna be a good year.

edit: Oh, also I wrote a letter to the first owner, who had the boat from 1982 when it was launched, up until 2006 time. I found his address in the documents, and sent him a letter asking if he had any old pictures or stories. Fingers crossed!



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