Weekend wrapup

First, I managed to get the chartplotter -> laptop working.


What had happened is that my NSS came with a piece of paper saying that the wiring in the manual was wrong and to use the one on the paper. Except the one on the manual wasn’t wrong.

Once I connected it up the way the manual said, it worked. Here are my feelings towards Simrad’s quality control.


On a happier note, I finished rebedding 2 more chainplates and then went sailing! I went with my friend emma and we orignally tried to go into a bay at D’arcy island but it was a bit dicey, so we hauled up the anchor and went to Sidney Spit instead.

On the way there we had a great 12 knot wind on the beam.


Tried a bit of drift halibut fishing at one point and either snagged bottom, or something large enough to snap 40lb test. We’ll go with the big fish story ūüėČ

Sidney spit was interesting – there was a bunch of power boats pulled up on the sand with a bunch of DudeBros having a party and hootin’ and hollerin’. They eventually left (and throttled up all their boats right next to all the moored sailboats, creating a huge wake) but left a fire burning (and there are no fires allowed there anyway), wtf?! Dicks.

So I decided that this would be a great time to test out the dingy. We assembled it on deck, and rowed over to the island and put out the fire with sand. WE ARE HEROS. I am shit at rowing, but Emma is apparently a champion rower (like actually, rowing scholarship) or something and gave me instructions





Once that was all dealt with, it was a lovely evening,




The way back there was no wind so we motored the whole way, but I went out a bit later in the day for an hour sail with my friend Josh who had moved to town. A quick one because it was supposed to get pretty stormy later on!

All in all, a nice weekend.



  1. att, the manual clearly states “SOME Simrads have been manufactured with Tx/Rx reversed”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’rs had been “some”, right?


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