The list of stuff to do in the next few weeks

So I am hauled out (again) in canoe cove, getting my rudder looked at after the ding, and I made up a list of all the stuff I want to do before I leave. It’s uh, a lot.

  • Cover/cleat for sterntie reel
  • Figure out cabin top solar
  • Sort through lines
  • Bilge dry out
  • Replace chain plates
  • Forward cleats install
  • Rudder fix
  • Install windless
  • Windvane install
  • Pushpit extension
  • Solar arch building
  • Drogue fittings install
  • Dodger build
  • Engine mounts?
  • Engine spares list
  • Make cover for outboard
  • Engine alarm system
  • Internal alarm speaker
  • Replace outhaul with better system
  • Third reef point install
  • Fasten reef lines in place on boom
  • Sail looked at / fixed
  • Spreader patchs added
  • Boat insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Hatchboard latch
  • Grabrails installed
  • Rudder stuffing box fixed
  • Mosquito nets made
  • Cockpit lockers lock install
  • Manual bilge discharge installed
  • Cabintop winch handle holders installed
  • Keel bolts retorqued
  • Watermaker install finish
  • Traveler mount screwed down
  • Traveler blocks redone
  • Spinnaker track repaired
  • New mainsheet 55′
  • Fix slippery winches
  • Furling line fix


Some are pretty small (my furling line got slowly unwrapped over the last couple years and is now too short, easy fix by rewrapping) and some are larrrrrge (building an entire hard dodger from scratch).

Should keep me busy though!

The rudder had a small crack in it and the yard drilled a hole in the rudder and it’s drying out. Luckily the builders used the expensive foam so the whole rudder isn’t waterlogged, and the steel backbone seems to be in very good shape. In the bottom picture you can see the large dent in the steel tube.



  1. great to meet you in person, albeit it could have been under better circumstances i.e. NOT in a boatyard where we are both spending way too many boat units! here is the link to the sailing Frenchman’s solar panel arch “hack”… about minute 9….

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