Taking down the mast

So after the entire driveshaft fiasco, I am back at Fisherman’s Wharf and still haven’t taken down the mast.

To do that I have to go to Sooke (apparently home of the only damn working mast tower in the entire south island) – but I am finding recently that I am more and more busy with various things and have almost no time to schedule it in. I feel I have to do it soon, since the closer summer gets, the less I am going to want to go to Sooke for a few days. Complicating things, I managed to get an audition for an actual, bona-fide speaking part in a film somehow, AND also have my final interview for the Big Brother mentoring program – both those are tomorrow and if they go well I will have even less time! So really, I have to get my mast pulled in the next couple of weeks or it’s not happening this year.

And it needs to happen this year, because in boxes under my table I have

– Windvane

– Electronic Windvane

– AIS transponder (needs antenna on mast)

– Wifi antenna + bullet

– Radar Dome

– 360 red LED and 360 green LED

– LED anchor light

– 2 LED spreader lights

– LED steaming/deck light
As you can imagine, it’d be nice to get that all out of the cabin and onto the mast! In addition the rig could REALLY do with tuning since I’m not sure when it was last down. Probably forever ago.

And just so this isn’t a boring wall of text, have a picture of an enormously fat seal who hangs out near my boat. Look at that giant bastard.




  1. Depending on your mast height and your draft you could use the crab pot crane beside the feul dock to pull you mast. I’am actually using that crane today to pull my mast out.

    • That’s a great idea – one of the riggers suggested it as well. Unfortunately I spoke to the crane operator and my beam is too wide at 11.08 feet :(. It just doesn’t reach that far over.

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