Summer updates

It’s been a while since I did a new post – most of the reason for that is that I’ve been really busy finishing off the redo of the entire DC system, which is going to be a multi-post series – but I wanted to make the first post the design. Which is a great idea, except I kept changing the design as I worked my way through it so it seemed a bit pointless to start writing it up while I was still in it!

However, I am mostly through now so that will be coming at some point.

A brief synopsis of the new system

  • 3 blue seas panels of 6 or 8 breakers each (One for ‘living’ stuff like the fridge, one for sailing and one for lights). This is a departure from Gudge, where I had everything on one panel.
  • Victron Multiplus 2000 inverter/charger
  • Victron Cerbo GX and touch screen for monitoring
  • BestGo 400 AH lifepo4 battery, which I ripped out the onboard BMS and replaced with a REC BMS.
  • AGM start battery
  • BMV712 battery monitor (which is a bit superfluous now with the cerbo GX)
  • Wakespeed alternator regulator

and probably a bunch of other stuff I am forgetting right now. Anyway it all talks to each other over CANBUS and is really fancy while retaining the voltage-driven relay backup.

Anyway as part of that I decided to paint one of the lockers the panel was in front of so here is a post about painting,



Collateral Damage (plus a couple spots on the seat cushions somehow)

Here is a sneak peak of the cerbo display (will go into more detail about this later)

And here is a cute dog (not mine) to apologise for the terrible update



  1. Some comments 🙂

    1. Dog? What dog?
    2. Is your Patreon still off? You should dump the buttons to clean up the site a bit.
    3. What’s canbus? Part of the soon-to-be-explicated cerbo system?
    4. I’d be really interested in some ball-park figures on what this is costing… or at least what the sticker value of this stuff is.

    But it looks cool. Hopefully you are still on schedule…

    • 1) Emma’s brothers dog
      2) it is – and that’s a great idea
      3) a protocol like nmea2000
      4) i’m actually not sure – I’ll have to add it all up. Maybe 5 grand including the charger/inverter, battery, BMS etc etc

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