Securing the fridge

So after that rather rough sail where the fridge/freezer decided to launch itself onto the floor and put a rather large dent in it (the floor, not the fridge), I decided that ‘balancing it on the side’ wasn’t the best mounting method. I gave some thought to any possible solutions, since whatever I used needed to be secure, but also allow me to fairly easily move the fridge, in case I needed to use the single berth to put someone on there to sleep. Also, the access panel for the port water tank is there.

I settled on using some kind of ratchet strap system, so I picked up two straps at the dollar store, $1.50 each.

Next, I found the handles from the fridge freezer and re-purposed them as retaining bars. I screwed them to the bulkhead behind the fridge.




This allow me to ratchet strap the fridge to the sink bulkhead



A lot more secure. Wish the straps weren’t bright orange though…

To be honest I think this will hold it in moderate weather but for real heavy stuff or getting knocked down, I’ll need to beef it up. I think I’ll through-bolt the bars with backing plates or huge washers onto the bulkhead, and maybe add some reinforcing spars. Definitely a project for another day though!


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