After leaving Isla Espirito we headed North, to a small fishing village called San Evaristo. This is on a small, picturesque bay with a small shop and restaurant. We anchored to the North of the village, behind a big ol’ hill as strong southern winds were expected for the next couple of days. We decided to go in the day we arrived before the winds came, and treat ourselves to the restaurant. It was a bit of a walk through the salt flats, but we got there eventually!

Unfortunately, arriving at the restaurant we found it completely full – an entire kayaking party had just turned up, seeking shelter from the same storm we did! Boo! We trudged instead to the local little store (emphasis on little, it’s basically some tins on dusty shelves) and bought some bits and bobs.

That night and the whole next day, it rained. The constant rain meant the solar basically wasn’t doing much, and we had a pretty constant struggle with power, as it had been cloudy for almost two weeks at this point. Wheres the sun, Mexico?

At least I got to try out my rain catcher

I got this years ago and never bothered using it – I need to find a better place for it. We ended up with somewhere that wasn’t great, due to getting soaked while putting it up.

The storm passed with no incident (we were well sheltered) and then we carried on further North.

On the way we caught (and released) a mako shark

It was a bit of a slog, as there were fairly constant north winds on the nose, normally blowing over 15 knots. We spent one night in an unmarked anchorage, where I did a bit of spearfishing and got a nice hogfish and snapper and then headed north again.

There was yet another high wind event coming, so we hid in a place called Agua Verde (meaning ‘green waters’

This was a great spot, very pretty, with a lovely sand beach near a little fishing village. We spent several days there, spearfishing, snorkelling and chatting with other boats. Liz shot her first fish as well!

We also saw an octopus while snorkelling – it was very cool and I’ve always wanted to see one in the wild.

Liz decided to row into the village shore one day (as opposed to beaching on the sheltered beach which requires a walk over the mountain) and found out why you shouldn’t try to land on a beach with breakers, even if they are small. Luckily everything worked out and she and her possessions all survived being dumped unceremoniously on the beach, though it was a damp trudge into town and a row back to the boat!

After the winds abated, we headed even further North, trying to reach Santa Rosalia and meet up with my friends on boomarang. We stopped at Isla Coronado and hiked to the top of a volcano

We had to give up meeting Boomerang in Santa Rosalia – with the prevailing north winds not letting up and only a few days before I had to drop Liz off in Loreto there just wasn’t time.

So we headed back to Agua Verde for the remainder of the time, where I managed to shoot this Jack Crevalle

Then it was just a matter of dropping Liz off at Loreto to get the bus back to Cabo and a flight home. One last margarita and I dropped her at the bus station and went back to Coronado to meet my friends on Boomerang.

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