Removing the old refrigeration system

Today, I decided to pull out the old refrigeration system. It was rusted to SHIT, and I had no idea if it even worked or not – and it looked like it wasn’t very efficient.

Also, I am going to have to build a new insulated box (since the old one appears to have 0 insulation) and I don’t think the plates will fit. Also, I want a freezer!

Here is the old one



I unscrewed the plate connections and removed the compression + power unit. I found the thermostat wires were connected like this – awesome. Just wound round each other and connected with tape.



Finally, I removed the compressor, the power unit, and both plates. The most annoying part were the copper wires – they didn’t bend easily and were quite long.

refrig3 refrig4


Not sure what to do with it – maybe I could sell for parts? Anyway, it’s in the storage locker for the time being.


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