So yesterday I started crunching numbers to figure out if I was going to be able to meet my target leave date of next September. I tried to be conservative and do the ‘worst case’ scenarios for everything, and I’m posting it as I found it helpful reading other peoples finances when cruising. I also assumed I wouldn’t be making any money while cruising (I don’t think I really qualify for a patronus thingum). Everything is in CAD.

Outgoing first:

42k – Amount needed to pay off last remaining debts and get enough savings for a multi-year circumnavigation, and still have some cash remaining when I return to set myself

1k – new lifelines

5k – arch, lithium battery pack, more solar, inverter

1k – liferaft recertified

1k – chainplates

1k – more anchor chain

2k – misc pre-trip upgrades

= 53k

Now, maximum savings I can get from my various different jobs in 11 months is


= 45k

BUT that includes  background work for a new netflix sci-fi TV show as background- if I get this it’ll be 3k for 2 days work – because i’ll be nude. Also millions of people will see my genitals (cross another thing off the ol’ bucket list, am I right). So def not guaranteed.

Shortfall – 8k.

Now, there are a number of ways I can reduce this (getting a bar job for one) and I only need to make an extra 800 a month to hit the target. I’m also considering anchoring out ALL summer, which would save around 2,500. Of course, I could not get a bonus, not get the netflix gig, get fired…. but as it stands, I think this is eminently doable by my target date (autumn 2017), and 100% doable by the backup date (spring 2018)

So, looking good!

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