I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to update this until now.

When I said I had 3 days until I moved – I actually only had two. I found out on Friday night that I had to be out by Sat 1pm, instead of Sunday. Argh.

With the help of two friends, I had enough time to bung everything into a storage locker, and clean, but not to sort through all the stuff. So now I have a storage locker full of stuff.

I still have no power or water, though I should get AC up tonight – it’s all wired up, but the breaker trips instantly. I think it’s because I didn’t wind the wires together as they pass through the ELCI sensing loop, but we will see.

I’ve decided there is no point installing the toilet until I have running water so I can wash my hands, for obvious reasons.

Waking up on the water is wonderful – I’ve been waking up as the sun rises, without having to use my alarm.



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