I got a call yesterday, confirming that the wait list I was on had shifted, and I had a place in the winter program at the Causeway marina, in front of the Empress Hotel (still in Victoria!)

Since I decided to leave next spring instead of this fall, one of the things I was trying to do was move marinas to the Causeway, this is owned by the same people as my current slip at Fisherman’s Wharf but only allows monthly clients in the off-season (in summer all the slips are reserved for transient boaters and events).

Although I love my current spot, I wanted to move for the winter because:

  • Cheaper – it’s around $150 a month cheaper than what I am paying now
  • It’s basically right in town. This (I hope) will stop me being such a hermit all winter, and actually get me out doing stuff. Also slightly closer to work.
  • After I asked, they are putting me on an end slip. This will make it waaaaaay easier to get in and out of dock. Important as I want to go out in windy weather to get some experience.
  • The other boats there are all transients. I love my neighbours, but it will be nice to meet some cruising types and see how their boats are setup.

And last but not least:

  • It will really help drive home I am leaving in 10 months. They kick everyone out at the start of summer so I am unable to stay there, and a new location will really help weaken the bonds that would stop me going.

So yeah. Moving sometime in the next month or so. Here is a map of the change!

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