Mounting the panel – Part 1

It was time to mount the new electrical panel

Here is the old panel


Here it is removed



The problem was the new panel had a lot larger back footprint, which meant I had to cut out some more of the plywood bulkhead.

So I bought this little beastie


First I marked out where to cut – shout if you can see the problem



Then I started cutting. This saw is Extremely heavy, loud and effective. It was great (and runs off the same power packs as my drill, impact driver, and wet-vac).




Then I put the panel against it, just to make sure it fit



I had forgotten to take into account the front of the panel, and now it wouldn’t fit. ARGHHHHHSDJLFSLKSADJLASJLDASLJD

What was I going to do?

Well first, I extended the cut downwards



Yay the panel fits! Except now there is a large ugly gap at the top…



Well, that had to be fixed.

After a short while of yelling at myself at a wall for being so dumb, I got to work.

First, I used quick-dry 2-part epoxy, and stuck back on the bit of wood I had cut off, using some boxes to jam it up


Once that had set, in an hour or so, I got out the ol’ trusty Marine-tex and filled in the gaps.



I feel it’s a testament to my increasing skill level in that not only did it turn out well, but I also made virtually no mess, either on myself or the surroundings. A bit of sanding and a repaint (needed anyway, the bulkhead is pretty filthy) and it will be unnoticeable.

Sometimes I impress myself (ignoring the entire ‘cutting the wrong place like a pillock’ thing)


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