Morro Bay CA to The Channel Islands, CA

Holy smokes, is this blog being updated?

So I realised it’s been QUITE the while since I have, partly because Instagram is where I do a lot of posting and also because I went through a bad breakup (longtime readers get to add another checkmark to the count), followed by (SPOILERS) an extremely intense sail down the baja and then a ton of friends visiting. So I’ve been sad, terrified and drunk, in that order.

So I am going to blow through the last few months kinda fastish but for another perspective check out MQs blog at

So Morro Bay was just as nice as last time, except this time I had two friend boats so it was possibly even better. Highlight was probably seeing some white pelicans which is the only time I’ve actually seen any – they look very different from the browns even apart from the colouring, looking more like cartoons

There was also still the sea otters there, which I love

We only spent a few nights in Morro Bay and my main memories are:

  • Getting ill and actually vomiting for the *only* time on the trip so far, after getting food poisoning from McDonalds. Life hint – if the burger looks suspiciously wet, DO NOT eat it because ‘it’s probably fine’
  • A game of munchkin booty that involved taking shots if you forgot to do the accent on your card. After four hours I still had no idea how to play but it was fun yelling at people
  • The first warm wind of the trip one morning, bringing promises of warmer climates

Geoff went home leaving just the sisters, and the captains of Sliver, Sooner and Maquinna Point came up with a plan. We were heading for the Santa Rosa island, part of the channel islands group. This would also be my second solo overnight which made me nervous.

We set out as a group


and had light winds to start. This eventually grew into a pretty decent wind that lasted till the sun went down, when it died.

I got to see some Risso’s Dolphins though

However the sunset WAS RIDICULOUS and I was close enough to MQ Point to get some shots of them silhouetted against the sun.

This one I have no idea how I managed to get the sun to do that but it looks pretty cool!!

Anyway after the sunset the sky was magnificent. Millions of stars covering the sky from horizon to horizon. I was starting to get the hang of solo night passages at this point a bit more and it went fast. The next day we pulled into Becher’s bay on Santa Rosa.



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