After yesterdays escapade, where I got to see what it would look like if the inside of my cabin went through a tumble drier, today I decided to try to hook up some kind of reefing system.

I ended up doing it like this


My artistic skills are improving BY THE DAY!

Here are some pics of the various things,

Here is the reef line / outhaul that ties onto the cringle (that’s the reinforced hole in the sale)


Here is the line coming out of the other side of the boom. Note the mast hook on the other cringle, nearest the mast.



Here is the block at the boom I installed, and it going back to the cabin.



Now, when you want to reef, you release the halyard, go up to the mast, and hook the reef hook (big metal hook on the boom/mast join) through the cringle nearest the mast. Then you go back to the cockpit and yank on the reef line to tension the sail out along the boom.

Then, you go and tie all the reef lines at the bottom of the sail together, to stop the sail flapping around

Like so


Presto! A reefed main



To be honest I THINK I could manage to set up jiffy reefing (theoretically less effort to reef) but this is totally fine for now.

Other things I did was take a couple of swivels off the blocks at the bottom of the boom since they kept breaking, and just put on straight shackles.

I also reran the genoa sheets – hopefully they won’t catch on the life lines anymore!

Lastly, I had a boom nap.



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