LiFePo4 Batteries: Part Seven – Installing the Inverter

Part of the reason I was installing a LifePO4 bank (aside to move them into the cabin/save weight and space) was to be able to run things like electric kettles and electric induction cooking thingums, reducing the amount I’d have to use my frankly pathetically tiny propane bottle (which of course appears to be proprietary so not easy to get a spare one). But to do this and convert from DC power (my batteries) to AC power (the stuff appliances run off with the 3 pronged plug) I’d need an inverter.

I ended up getting a Samlex 2000 watt inverter

(Pure Sine wave) and eventually got around to installing it last week as I was bobbing around in Cadboro Bay.

Slung nicely under the desk.

As a test I hooked up my fancy electric kettle

that pulls ~1500 watts according to the stats (yes having a nearly 100 dollar kettle just so I can make sure my green tea is brewed at the right temperature is ridiculously bourgie, don’t@me) and gave it a shot. And it worked!

Was pulling 130 amps according to the thingum which seems about right (also that’s a lot of amperage!)

And, being LifePO4 the voltage sag wasn’t bad at all – 12.65 volts. Flooded batteries would have been WAY less happy with that.

So it took around 2.5 minutes to boil just over 500ml of water – 60/2.5 = 24, 130/24 = ~5 amp hours (out of 400AH total/320 AH useable) to boil water for my morning cuppa + oatmeal. Not bad at all – with my 500 watts of solar, hopefully be putting that back into the batteries in around 15 minutes, in direct sun. Next up – try using my induction hot plate.


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