… or 175 days, to be exact., before I sail off and sink somewhere exotic start my circumnavigation, if I still take the 31st of May as my last work day / leaving date.

I’m caught between feeling that’s soooooo far away, which oscillates to ‘oh god I don’t have enough time to do everything’ with alarming rapidity. Depending on how good a day at work I’m having I guess.

175 days and a massive 78% of the way to my savings – at this rate I am ahead of where I need to be, meaning that I can probably leave a month or too earlier or (more likely) do some fancy-pants stuff like build a desalinator (turns seawater to fresh) or something. In the end it probably depends on how miffed I am at my job and what the weather is doing.

Grab-bag list of stuff I still need to do

  • Finish building Windvane
  • Finish Lithium install
  • Build a Dodger
  • Switch out chainplates/retune rig
  • Get liferaft recertified
  • finish installing reefing system (put 3rd reef hardware in, install the bits from rigrite for jam cleats on boom, install winch on mast side)

And then optional bits

  • install a water maker
  • pull mast and give everything a good going over (last time it was pulled was 2/3 years ago)
  • finish making curtains
  • better mounting for portabote


It’s a fair amount of stuff. The dodger is the one I am most worried about as

a) it requires a lot of outside work, and most of the time it will be winter, meaning

b) it will be freezing outside and last time I did glasswork in cold temperatures it looked like someone had barfed all over the boat, plus

c) I have literally no idea how to even go about starting this

Anyway. I am sure it will be fine. I will leave you with a couple of ~spooky~ pictures one morning when I woke up for woke in a fog covered harbour. Winter, eh?!




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