I finished installing all the new portholes!

As of around ten minutes ago, I finished the final porthole. I am so relieved to finally finish this project, especially since it was really cold last night and have a porthole sized hole in the boat (as I had taken out the old one already) was NOT a great thing. I was very thankful for my hot water bottle but still, barf.


The last one I installed was weirdly enough the FIRST one I installed originally as a test, way back in the end of the summer. I managed to torque off the head of one of the screws at some point so switched it out for the other porthole, while I tried to figure out how to get the nub of metal out of the screwhole in the trim ring.

I ended up using my new drill press to drill a hole and then use a screw extractor

IMG_20151125_121915 IMG_20151125_121909

Worked pretty well!




    • The head comes off the stand and then I can fit both pieces in the bottom of the old wet locker (which is now used for storing large things like drill presses and guitars.) It isn’t a particularly large one which helps.

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