Hebridean Wind Vane Construction: Part 6 (Piece 6 and Piece 8 and lumber arrives!)

First off, finished another two pieces of stainless.

Not much to say here so will let pics do talking

Parts 6A1, 6A2 and 6B

This was a SHITLOAD of hacksawing.



Part 8

This was a nice easy reprieve, needing just to be sawn to length and then drilled.



And my wood arrived! I chose Iroko – it’s DAMN expensive unfortunately, 2 planks being $300 but it is very hard and very good in a marine environment.

I currently have no way to cut it, so two 2 meter planks are just sat in my cabin, getting in the way and generally being annoying. Sigh. I really need a table saw for the precision cuts but there is no way I can store and use one in my boat, is there? IS THERE?????

Well no, there isn’t.



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