Basically I think this is my life from now on. HOPE YOU LIKE READING ABOUT FIDDLY BITS OF METAL. Actually I was originally going to triumphantly write about how i got my discount Raymarine speed transducer to work on NMEA2000, except it was a dismal failure. So here is more windvane stuff

SO, first of, when I said I finished those last two pieces, I’d actually forgotten to shape the last side of both of them. So I did that first with hacksaw and file etc etc


Anyway, I didn’t feel like doing anymore hacksaw work after that, so I decided to do piece 13 next. This involved drilled a hole in the INSIDE of a bolt and then tapping it. A bolt inside a bolt, neat!

First I used a centre punch to make a dent in the centre of the bolt.


Then I drilled a pilot hole with the 3mm drill bit

IMG_20151207_185613 IMG_20151207_191559

Then I drilled it out to the proper size, and then tapped it


End result:


Testing out the thread


Pretty simple, though it’s not centered 100%. I’m not sure this matters – if it does I’ll just buy a new bolt and retry.

Also, my vise is a HUGE PIECE OF SHIT. I need to get a new one, as this one refuses to hold stuff completely flat.



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