So I hadn’t done any work on the windvane for a while, mainly because the next big thing I had to do was planing down a plank of wood to form an aerofoil. This is Really Hard and combined with my inate laziness meant that I just did other, easier things that didn’t involve 30 hours hand-planing.

Anyway finally I ended up taking it to Abernethy and Gaudin Boatbuilders Ltd. who are a wooden boatbuilding company. They did a great job, waaaaaaaaay cheaper than the other quotes I got. Hooray! Now maybe I can finish this damn thing! I’ve also done a bunch of other stuff but that will be in different updates. It’s also REALLY HOT here and the weather has been amazing the last few weeks – but I’ve hardly been out. Work is just ridiculous right now and is sapping me of the will to do anything other than lie on my face when I get home. Ugh.


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