Happy New Year everyone!

Happy new year!

I’m still in the La Paz area and have spent the last few weeks bumming around all the nearby bays etc with my friend Emilie, so not really much to report sailing-wise.

Caught a bunch of fish including a monster 12lb black skipjack which made a lot of tasty meals, thank you fish!

There was a bunch of amazing snorkeling as well and I tried my hand at spearfishing.

Spearfishing is REALLY HARD. Unfortunately, fish have eyes and don’t want to be shot so they do things like ‘swim away’ – and the length of time I can hold my breath is pretty terrible so i’ve not had much luck, shooting a small grouper, a small goatfish and a trigger fish (all very tasty). It’s a lot of fun though and I spent hours and hours doing it.

Of course, now I want a longer gun for more range… sigh.

I also took a freediving class to attempt to get better at holding my breath.

The last couple of days weeks I’ve been trying to figure out what to do next. It’s actually been quite a bad winter here, with rain (which never happens at this point in the year) a few times, and a lot of clouds and strong windstorms rolling through every couple of days. A few boats are heading over to the mainland next week and asked me to go with them – as I need to be in Matazlan on the 6th, but there doesn’t seem to be much around there, especially to keep me occupied for three weeks. So I am going back and forth…

The other thing I am unsure of is going over to the south pacific this year. With Brexit (grr) happening, I lose the 18 month visa I’d have got in Polynesia and instead only get a 90 day one, which is nowhere near long enough. It’s tempting to stay in Mexico another year and see how it all shakes out (I’d probably leave the boat somewhere for hurricane season and fly up to Canada to try to earn a bit more cash). Decisions!

On the plus side, the last few days it’s been lovely, and nothing terrible has broken for a long time.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks!





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