Fixing the roller furler

One of the things that have been jammed since I can remember is the roller furling on the foresail – it just wouldn’t turn in any direction!

To fix it, first I removed the sail and disassembled the drum


Next stage was to move the ‘throat’ up the extrusions (the thing over the forestay)


Hmm. As you can see, the extrusion has fallen down somehow, and the bottom is rubbing on the drum. There are two screws there and the whole lot is jammed solid.

See the below diagram


The probably I had was that the screws at A were completely gone, meaning the whole thing slid down the forestay, as shown by B.

Right, to fix it. First I had to reattach the drum, after mounting the throat back into it. Next I bolted the throat onto the raised extrusions.

The next step was to wind the furling line round the drum, about half of the length, and then attach and raise the sail


Looking good! Then it was time to pull on the furling line and refurl the sail.

Which I did but then noticed the sail was furled the wrong way, leaving the protective sail cover on the inside! Ugh, so I had to unfurl the sail, unwind the furling line and rewind it.

Which I did, only to discover that AGAIN I had wrapped the furling line the wrong way around. Good grief…

I finally got it done the right way round, and furled the sail, finally. Something else to tick off the list, and now I can go sailing!




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