First sail on Wind Chime

Today was a lot of firsts

– First time I talked on a marine band VHF

– First time I went sailing without someone who knew what they were doing

– First time I took Wind Chime sailing!

Yesterday, I went out with a dockmate (peter) and did some trolling for salmon. No bites, and when I got back to the dock I noticed I had a new boat neighbour – which suddenly meant I had to dock into my half of the slip and couldn’t swing all over the place like I’m used to.

Luckily it went fine.

Today, Nancy Blackett and her crew went out, and I rounded up a Nancy of my own, a friend, and set out a while later. I got a chance to test my VHF and hailed the Nancy and test out the radio procedures from my VHF-D license.

Once we got out there, we put the sails out, and slowly (very slowly) started to sail! There was still very little wind, so I actually trolled under sail for a bit, with no bites.

Once the wind started to pick up, I pulled in the downrigger and practised trimming the sail for all the different points of sail! What a lovely day!






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