Christmas Update

Been a few weeks since I last updated, due to it being winter I haven’t really felt like doing anything boat or writing related, but here is a brief update.

The marina where I’m at has a competition where they give out $100 gift cards to the best decorated boats and this year (and for reasons that have nothing to do with being Single At Christmas and so having a lot of time on my hands) I decided to try to win the thing. Plus, all the lights are nice at this time of year.

With the help of my friend Katie we spent around 5 hours over two evenings and 600ft of lights to bedazzle the judges

Didn’t win any of the prizes on offer – meaning it’s time for wild and unfounded accusations of power boat bias! Ahem.

Moving on, I decided that having at least 3 expensive hobbies wasn’t enough so I should add another one, that also has the added bonus of being pretty painful.

Yes, I decided to start snowboarding, and after going once I immediately bought an entire second hand set of stuff for under 200 bucks and I was off (sort of).

However most of my time was spent like this as I am Very Bad at it.

My third time out I wiped out really hard onto my chest (hard enough that I tasted blood) and then was fine for a couple of days, when I then tried to snow shovel the driveway of the place I am housesitting at and felt a pop, followed by a lot of pain. I don’t think it’s a fractured rib now, just ripped up a bunch of muscle on the side of chest but we will see what happens. It’s very painful and really helps me get into the holiday cheer.

Speaking of holiday cheer, it snowed. A lot.

Finally, the only bit of boatwork I’ve done recently was buying the lights panel for Sooner (like Gudge, the lights are going to be on a separate panel).

However for whatever reason the 6 breaker panel was really expensive so I ended up getting an 8 for half the price. I swapped out the 6 breaker panel I had installed for the sailing instruments (which I still haven’t written about) and put in the 8 instead, and will use the 6 breaker for the lights.

And that’s it from me. Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. Merry Christmas Matt, miss you being here at Xmas, but one day…. Hope you get well very soon and have a great day xxxxxxx

  2. ”It’s very painful and really helps me get into the holiday cheer.“ Your one liners ads the best.

    Happy Holidays! Hopefully that mysterious chest pain disappears.

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