Adding another line clutch

Or maybe it’s called a rope clutch? I DUNNO. Anyway, it’s the thing that holds lines fast and makes line handling a million times easier, especially single handed. No HILARIOUS JOKES this entry because installing this thing was MAD boring and also I am tired and cold and actually super grumpy. I haven’t eaten for a while so maybe I’m hangry? Anyway, I digress. ONWARDS

First I lined it up, drilled and tapped one hole


Then I drilled and tapped all the others. There is a metal plate under the fiberglass here, so I could tap into the metal so the thing could screw down securely.



Dry fitting


Then I countersunk the holes and put butyl tape on the screws


and screwed it down


Then, I decided to run the spinnaker halyard back to the cockpit to take advantage of my BRAND NEW TWO CLUTCHES.

Unfortuntly I had to install a new block at the mast first which SUCKED as it was getting very windy and cold and I am a huge pansy.

First drill/tap


Then put the block on


Hooray I did it, I’m the best


ALSO, I didn’t write about it but I replaced the traveler lines and the topping lift line as they were old as balls and looked HELLA grubby and I had an attack of OCD next to the brand new outhaul/reef line and apparently I can’t stop spending money. I also replaced the sheaves near the mast on the boom and added washers to stop the line falling off. FASCINATING




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