Actually scuba diving is pretty great…

… and I have my open water cert!

I had the 3rd and 4th dives today, and they went great. 3rd dive was finishing off all the exercises that went off without a hitch (except the ones taking off the BCD and weight belt and putting on again in the water – they were tough cos my fingers were kinda cold to use the buckles).

4th dive was a planned dive – so Sarah and I planned out a route, and then did the dive! And it went well!

We saw Ling cod, Rock cod, some really cool sea slug and sea cucumbers, and a blood star. I still spent a lot of time just concentrating on not faceplanting into the sand but I am getting not bad at it! I have my dry suit qualifier on Sunday, and I am looking forward to really relaxing and doing what I do best – Looking At Thangs

Before the final dive with instructor gordon and sarah my dive partner



Bonus post-open-water-dive-cert pic



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